The H+E Group restructures for strength

Under the umbrella of the H+E GmbH company, based in Stuttgart, twelve companies are now merging into one of the leading plant manufacturers for industrial water treatment, wastewater treatment and water recovery.

The engineering and service team, in addition to the German H+E GmbH as its headquarters, also has a global network in ten countries. This guarantees close proximity to customers. The restructured group is bundling its comprehensive technology portfolio in plant engineering, while its intercultural expertise is being further strengthened.

The H+E engineers have been developing reliable and sustainable water treatment and purification plants worldwide for more than 80 years. These enable, for example, the production of process water as well as ultrapure water, the desalination of sea water and treatment of wastewater. The goal of virtually wastewater-free production is realised with various recycling technologies – known as Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) or Minimised Liquid Discharge (MLD) – whereby the company relies on innovative technology that is “engineered in Germany”. The stated objective of purifying, protecting and preserving water as humanity’s most important resource is deeply rooted in the corporate culture. “This common aim unites the corporate group and motivates our employees. We are acknowledged around the world for our customised solutions, ranging from plant construction through to service,” says Thomas Will, CEO of H+E GmbH, with a certain pride. To this day, the company continues to follow the path of founder Willy Hager and live up to his vision: “When fresh water first becomes process water and then wastewater, wastewater must also once again become fresh water.”

Multifaceted and international

More than 30,000 plants built in over 130 countries underscore the Group’s expertise. The H+E experts implement their planned plants locally with regional companies. This makes it possible to adapt to local circumstances and guarantee a suitable price level in the customer’s country – with quality that is “designed in Germany”. The process technologies for water treatment range from thermal and chemical-physical, to membrane filtration to biological-anaerobic and biological-aerobic processes. The H+E technologies are tailored to eight key sectors and their respective manufacturing processes: Semiconductor & Solar, Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, Power Plants, Chemicals, Mining, Oil & Gas and Pharmaceuticals. Sven Lübbe, CFO of H+E, explains: “We always develop the best and most economical solution for the specific customer. After all, long-term customer relationships are very important to us.” And finally, as a total solutions provider, H+E supports its customers with comprehensive services such as a 24-hour hotline and training for plant personnel.

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