The digital platform Lhyfe Heroes is being enriched and improved to support the deployment of Hydrogen Mobility development projects with even greater efficiency, and is now launching its first Group-Buy Offers

A year after its launch, Lhyfe Heroes is taking part in the Solutrans Transport and Logistics trade show where it will present a new version of its digital platform that facilitates the transition to hydrogen for mobility players.

It continues to innovate with the creation of a “Group Buy” service, which allows local players within Hydrogen Ecosystems to pool their orders to take advantage of economies of scale. The first offers have been launched by Stellantis and GCK Mobility (a subsidiary of GCK) and are already available in the French regions of Pays de la Loire, Occitanie and Ile-de-France.

A year after its launch, Lhyfe Heroes features more than 30 businesses from across the entire value chain, including vehicle manufacturers like Stellantis and GCK Mobility, hydrogen station builders like PRF and HRS, power generator producers like Powidian, engineering and consulting firms like Synops Conseil, and providers of digital solutions specific to hydrogen like Point Twelve.
These partners, whose solutions feature in the Equipment and Services catalogue, agree to ensure that the information concerning them is reliable and up to date.

In addition to Equipment, this autumn Lhyfe Heroes added a Services category, providing the building bricks necessary for implementing a hydrogen project from scratch, including consulting services, project management, digital solutions, and tailor-made support for hydrogen refits and storage.

To bring users the most accurate and up-to-date information possible in this newly emerging hydrogen industry, Lhyfe Heroes has decided to divide its catalogue into two parts:

– Equipment and services that are ready and available for sale now, and whose information has been approved by the Lhyfe Heroes partners themselves. There are about 60 such listings on the portal;
– Other equipment and services (around a hundred listings) including:
o Offers from Lhyfe Heroes partners that are due to come on the market in the coming months and years,
o Other products and services that Lhyfe Heroes have identified through market intelligence.
Differentiating available offers from those coming soon means that users continue to have good visibility on the development of the sector, but can also build a concrete ecosystem in the very short term.

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