PM Terminals Aarhus upgrades its equipment fleet with new straddle carriers

6 new straddle carriers just commissioned by APM Terminals Aarhus are another step in capacity increase and modernisation to cater for continued growth.

APM Terminals Aarhus, Denmark’s largest container terminal and the country’s main cargo gateway, continues to invest in its ability to provide a better service to customers and increase its capacity and efficiency to support continued growth. The recent delivery of six new straddle carriers continues that trend, with the terminal now in possession of 36 straddle carriers in total.

“We have seen continuous volume growth over the past years at our terminal and we want to continue to be ready to meet future customer demands”, shares Helle Almind, Commercial Manager at APM Terminals Aarhus. “Our investment programme goes beyond just equipment upgrade, as we have also invested in our operating model, people development and improving our IT-backbone.”

APM Terminals Aarhus reported a 12% volume growth in 2020 compared to 2019 and further +20% growth in 2021 compared to year before. The company continues to run intensive training programmes for its frontline staff and continuously develop its Way of Working – the management system structured around continuous improvement, empowerment of people and learning on the job. The terminal has also recently upgraded its operating system and progresses with digitisation, with a notable example of self-service gate step one, launched in late 2020.

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