Marcotran relies on Kögel Cargo Rail: Rail is part of the sustainability strategy

Marcotran relies on combined transport to reduce emissions during transport. To this end, the Spanish company is procuring 25 Kögel Cargo Rail.

Above all, the functionality and product quality of the Kögel trailers convinced those responsible.

The Spanish transport and logistics service provider Marcotran is committed to sustainability. For example, the company ensures that its own fleet of more than 2,300 vehicles, 1,500 of which are towed units, meets the latest environmental standards. Now the company has procured 25 Kögel Cargo Rail FlexiUse with TIR equipment. A further 70 Kögel tarpaulin trailers with customs seal and 40 with preparation for air freight are already part of the Marcotran fleet. The rail-loadable trailers comply with the P400 loading gauge and have the height-adjustable FlexiUse body. Thanks to a special chassis, this allows tractors with fifth wheel heights of 990 to 1,180 millimetres to pick up the trailer without exceeding nationally valid maximum permissible overall heights in cross-border traffic. The lifting roof of the FlexiUse body additionally facilitates loading from the side.

“With the trailers from Kögel, we will transport goods for the automotive industry, textiles and household appliances by rail. This allows us to take advantage of the environmental benefits of the mode of transport during transport and reduce emissions,” explains Santiago Villa, Fleet Control Manager. Using combined transport is also a way for the Spanish company to address the driver shortage that many transport companies face.

Convincing product quality and functionality on the railways

Marcotran decided in favour of Kögel primarily because of the high quality of the finishing and the high suitability for combined transport. The company is also convinced by the tarpaulin tensioners of the TIR versions. According to the company’s experience, these cannot actually be opened by unauthorised persons without damaging the customs seal. In addition, it plays a decisive role for those responsible at Marcotran that Kögel behaves entirely in accordance with the company promise ‘Economy meets Ecology – Because we care’ and focuses on the needs of the customer. “The cooperation with Kögel always runs smoothly. The team around Javier del Mazo, General Director of Kögel Spain and Portugal, always responds to our needs,” praises Santiago Villa.

With the Cargo Rail FlexiUse, Kögel also supports Marcotrans in realising economic efficiency and sustainability in freight transport – in accordance with the second part of the company motto ‘Economy meets Ecology’.

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