Mammoet wins two ESTA awards in the category ‘Crane Job of the Year’

Mammoet is proud to announce it has been awarded ‘Crane Job of the Year’ in two categories at the European Association of Abnormal Road Transport and Mobile Cranes (ESTA) Awards of Excellence 2019.

In the category of “Lattice Boom Crane Job of the Year” Mammoet won the award for their work launching Peter the Great’s Poltava battleship replica in St. Petersburg, Russia. The second award was for a smart solution executed at Pernis industrial site in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in the category “Crane Job of the Year – Telescopic cranes lifting capacity ≤ 120 t and/or Knuckle boom cranes of any type and capacity”. ESTA announced the winners on 11 April 2019 in Munich, Germany, during the Bauma Exhibition.

Mammoet won its first award with launching a full-scale replica of Russia’s first battleship. It was a project that faced challenging circumstances, a tight deadline, unanticipated obstacles, and a need to minimize disruption to other shipyard users. Due to the circumstances of the quayside it was thought additional months of piling and jetty constructions would be required to launch the ship. However by using the high lifting capacity and long outreach of the PTC 35, Mammoet showed it was possible to position the crane on the quayside and launch the ship from there, without interrupting the activities of the nearby sailing club activities.

The second award was won by Mammoet for their work at Europe’s largest petrochemical complex, Pernis. During a turnaround project at the plant, Mammoet had very limited space in the congested site to place a crane for a critical lifting job. Successfully executing this lifting requirement would enable the plant to be online earlier. Therefore, Mammoet proposed the out-of-the-box solution to place a mobile tower crane on top of a gantry. The gantry footprint could fit in the one small space available on site while the mobile crane could provide the required lift capacity. The project was executed safely and on-time, maximizing uptime for the plant.

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