Mammoet delivers vital components for major Trinidad plant

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries recently contracted Mammoet to transport and install 120 pressure vessels and modules for the construction of Caribbean Gas Chemical Limited (CGCL) Methanol and DME Plant in southern Trinidad and Tobago’s Union Industrial Estate, La Brea.

Following its completion, the facility is expected to produce one million tons of methanol and 20 thousand tons of dimethyl ether per year, supplying next-generation clean energy and significantly contributing to the local economy.

Over the course of one year, the major cargo was received in a total of 22 shipments. Mammoet’s scope included port handling activities, inland transport coordination and the customs clearance process inclusive of the 120 modularized vessel cargoes. Mammoet approached the large-scale and complex logistics project with thorough preparation and detailed planning, ensuring the client’s vital components would be delivered safely and on time.

Using up to 96 axle-lines of SPMT, the cargo was temporarily staged and then transported to site for final installation. The heaviest vessel weighed in at 610 tons and was tandem lifted by Mammoet’s CC8800-1 and CC2800-1, while the heaviest reformer weighed in at 1,240 tons and was carefully set onto foundations by SPMTs. In addition to the major items, Mammoet successfully completed the safe and efficient delivery of 561 containers and 200,000 tons of general cargo from various ports in Trinidad and Tobago.

Furthermore, Mammoet’s high standards of safety received client recognition, with the onsite project team awarded first place above all subcontractors for safety performance in both 2017 and 2018.

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