Everfuel: HySynergy update

Everfuel A/S provides an update on the commissioning of the 20 MW HySynergy 1 electrolyser.

The main electrolyser facility is ready for start-up, but the company has experienced a quality issue on high pressure fittings in the deoxidiser, which removes oxygen and moisture from the hydrogen flow as part of the electrolyser’s high-pressure auxiliary system. This unit is part of the electrolyser supplier delivery package.

Approval of the deoxidiser is the last remaining milestone before achieving PED (pressure equipment directive) certification. Following a failed test late on 29 February, the unit will require an on-site rebuild, which impacts the timeline for completion of the HySynergy 1 facility. Start-up is now expected in the middle of the second quarter of 2024.

Everfuel continues to progress the commission of the other high-pressure systems not affected by the deoxidiser. The HySynergy 1 facility is owned by the Everfuel Hy24 JV. Everfuel will provide more details at the fourth quarter earnings presentation on 5 March.

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