Echandia enters offshore energy-sector to reduce emissions in drilling operations

Echandia, a Swedish developer of heavy-duty energy storage solutions for maritime and offshore applications, has received an initial order for battery systems to help reduce emissions and increase the energy efficiency on a jack up drilling rig in the middle east.

There is growing pressure on oil and gas producers from their customers to minimize the carbon footprint associated with the production of purchased energy carriers. Hybridization of the drilling platform contributes to this goal by eliminating peak loads that would otherwise require multiple generators to operate under off-design conditions. This allows for smoother operation, a reduction of fuel consumption and lowered maintenance costs. In addition, it provides an attractive return on investment.

The 860 kWh heavy-duty energy storage system, based on Echandias maritime certified battery system was chosen for its unparalleled safety, long lifetime and high-power capabilities. The container-based storage solution allows for simple plug-and-play installation onboard.

The application of heavy-duty battery systems in the offshore energy industry will help to highlight the possibilities to reduce fuel consumption, and lower maintenance costs. As a whole, the industry will benefit greatly from increased hybridization. Echandia see opportunities for rapid growth while helping producers meet increasing demands for more efficient operations.

Fredrik Hellström, CEO Echandia, comments:

Echandia is proud to have taken this contract, and to be a part of increasing efficiency of natural gas extraction in the middle east. There is clearly a strong trend to reduce emissions in various parts of the fuel production process, often driven by the buyers. Our solutions play an important role in this transition and we are happy that our products contribute to reduced emissions and energy efficiency in this industry.

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