Concordia Damen contracted to deliver a CDS2410 River Pusher to Transporte Fluviales Frey Bentos (TFF), Uruguay

Uruguayan shipowner and operator TFF has contracted Dutch inland shipping construction yard Concordia Damen to build a CDS2410 Shallow Draft River Pusher (2.500 HP) to expand its fleet of pushboats.

TFF will use the pusher for transporting cellulose pulp from Fray Bentos to the port of Nueva Palmira.

Concordia Damen has thoroughly researched the river characteristics in the region in relation to the desired operational profile of the vessel. Based on this its engineers designed the most efficient pusher considering local conditions. This resulted in a proven low draft push boat design. The 2.500 HP river pusher is a further development of these earlier pushers.

The pushboat measures 24 x 10 m. Two C32 CAT engines generate a power of 894 BkW at 1800 RPM each.

Fernando Perera Bruno, CEO at TFF, mentions: “We are very pleased to work with Concordia-Damen and we highly value the opportunity to grow our business with the innovative design of their low draft pusher. We are very satisfied with the engagement and current ongoing dialogue with the Concordia-Damen team.”

Bert Duijzer, Technical Manager at Concordia Damen, says: “We are delighted to receive the trust from a company like TFF, that delivers an exceptional level of river transportation services in Uruguay. With the design and delivery of this push boat we will meet the customer’s needs and exceed their expectations.

After outfitting the vessel at the yard in Werkendam, TFF superintendents will come to the Netherlands for the Sea Acceptance Trials, and the hand-over, which is estimated to take place in October of this year.

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